with the strong geared personnel to accomplish task in a minimum time frame, has represented principals, ship’s owners and brokers professionally and efficiently, always taking into consideration its primary goal of ensuring faster turn around of all handled vessels.

Ship Management

Ship Management

Ben-Ocean Shipping & Trading Pte Ltd offers ship management services as part of its commerce. Focusing mainly on the customers and individual needs for each owner and vessel. With specially made solutions for services and resources, Ben-Ocean absolutely understand that we need to meet our customers satisfactions by ensuring them the best quality and safety way of managing their ships/vessels at a very reasonable costs. We have a wide range of services includes:
  • Technical Management
  • Crew Management
  • Commercial Management

We want to achieve a cost effective approved budget and efficient ship management service under international standard. We are committed to keep our vessels under us to be operationally ready with regards to technical, crew and any certifications required in relation to technical and crew matters.


Our goal is to maximize vessel utilization; we are experienced in various types of vessels. We cover the various modes of vessel employment from bareboat and time charters to COA’s, spot or period employment.

Our focus is on complete coverage of all options available with minimal response time. Our practical approach has a dedicated advocacy for owners and charterers alike. Above all, our imagination and initiative makes us stand out.

We understand our customer requirements thus we find the cargo ship to carry their cargo through the extensive network with owners and brokers, we seek for the right vessel and from sourcing with the correct cargo we offer complete chartering to various destinations. With a dedicated team of experts, we operate as per clients utmost convenient time and schedule to ensure the complete safety transactions.
Ship Agency

Ship Agency

The agency service department offers a high level professional full port agency for services to the maritime trade by its experienced and expert staffs. We have efficiently handled these for ship’s owners, charterers and brokers with no blemishes.

By providing personalized, efficient, and quality service, our agents will ensure all aspects of the port call, from before the ship arrives, until after she sails, are arranged, monitored, and properly reported. Nothing is over-looked. Thus, we ensure the fastest turn-around for vessels for customers satisfaction.

As part of agency service, we help our clients in sourcing and supplying ship spares and stores. We also provide extensive agency services as follows:
  • Crew Change
  • Supply of Provisions, Fresh Water, Deck and Engine Stores
  • Marine Survey
  • Deck and engine repair
  • Attendance of Engineer and Marine Superintendent
  • Husbandery
  • Others that you may require we are please to do

As a ship agent, we can also act as protective agents and ensuring that client’s interest are well taken care and to deliver services that is with upfront results.

Our reliable, efficient, and dedicated agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and your vessels. It all adds up to a faster turnaround in port and more profitable sailings.
Bunker supply

Bunker Supply

Ben-Ocean Shipping & Trading Pte Ltd also engage in supplying bunker not only with in Singapore port limits but also outside Singapore wherever, whenever. With our wide range of bunker supplier and trader lists we assure our customer to get the bunker supply on time at a reasonable price offered by our suppliers/trader. We can able to supply Marine Gas Oil, Marine Diesel Oil and Marine fuel Oil at a very competitive price and with quality.

We ensure on time delivery by continuously coordinating with the trader in order to meet the customer’s satisfaction.
Ship Repair/Conversion

Ship Repair/Conversion

Ben-Ocean Shipping & Trading Pte Ltd is also engage in constructing a wide variety of vessels of varying sizes. In addition to new construction we also specializes in major conversions and repairs, such as structural, piping, mechanical, electrical, grit blasting & painting works. We do repairs afloat as well as on dock. We are able to carry out a wide diversity of conversions both on deck & engine to the satisfaction of our clients. We value workmanship and it is important for us to delivery efficiently everything we do. We ensure that all repairs are done using original spares and the use of standard steels. In order to achieve the best quality result we give much attention to details as per clients order.


As an aggressive, forward thinking logistics provider, we continue to be a smart alternative for those importers and exporters seeking personalized service with a global presence. Catering to clientele with wide ranging transportation needs, we offer truly global coverage with enhanced value added services.

A diverse and dynamic corporate philosophy enables us to offer flexible and comprehensive service commitments for the small to large client.